Seedsman Seed Bank Review 2024

A review of Seedsman: a look at its reputation, strain selection and seed quality, customer service, seed promotions and discounts.
Author: Jason Oliver

Seedsman has been selling cannabis seeds online since 2003, and are widely considered to be among the most well-known seed banks in the business. They are a true seed bank – they don’t only sell the seeds that they breed themselves; they also curate and sell seeds from other breeders.

This makes certain brands of seeds available to a wider audience since Seedsman Seeds ships worldwide, while many smaller seed brands only ship to certain countries. This service can be a lifesaver in many places where many seed brands can’t be shipped. If you’re looking for a brand of seeds that you normally wouldn’t be able to get in your country, check out Seedsman because they more than likely have it in stock.

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Seedsman History and Mission Statement

Seedsman seed bank has over 15 years of experience and has become a well-known name among the top seed banks in the marijuana seed industry. A proud British seed bank, Seedsman got its start by preserving cannabis seeds for genetic research, a mission continues to this day. Seedsman not only aims to provide customers with quality seeds from all over the world, but also to ensure that a diverse pool of genetically-viable seeds remain in circulation. After all, the more diverse a gene pool is, the more resistant the cannabis plants are to diseases and pests. A larger, more diverse pool also provides a larger scope and sample size for research.

Their idea is that cannabis cultivation will eventually be legal everywhere and at that time, people will be glad that the variety of genetically-viable cannabis strains have been preserved rather than fading into oblivion. Seedsman encourages people to collect their favorite marijuana seeds now and – in areas where it is not currently legal to grow them – to save them for a time when it is legal. They also sell products to help people preserve their seeds and keep them viable even in long-term storage. Of course, if it is legal to grow weed where you live, go ahead and do so now!

A portion of the company’s profits is also used to help speed up the legalization process in the UK and abroad. Representatives from Seedsman Seeds participate in cannabis trade shows all over to draw awareness to the issue. The company also supports political lobbying organizations as well as marijuana-focused charities. They do this because they, like many others in the industry, believe that cannabis would be safer and more profitable if it were legalized everywhere.

Seedsman believes that after full global legalization, marijuana consumers would have more knowledge of what they are actually buying and more control over the strains and potencies that they choose. Money would be going to local businesses rather than unknown criminal organizations, with a little bit taken off the top to pay for regulation enforcement in the community. Age restrictions would be easier to enforce, helping to ensure that young people don’t use the drug irresponsibly. In addition to all of this, prisons would be less bloated with non-violent drug offenders. Overall, legalization is a win-win-win scenario, and Seedsman Seeds is working hard to make it a reality.

Seedsman Seed Bank Reputation

The popular UK seed bank has a reputation for being the place to go if you want a seed brand that doesn’t ship to your country. They stock seeds from over one hundred different brands and have an absolutely huge selection. Their stock is so vast that it’s safe to say if you can’t get it from Seedsman, you probably can’t get it anywhere. We recommend them as the first place to look for anyone seeking a certain strain that has been difficult to find – they’ll likely be the last place you need to check.

Seedsman Seed Selection

The seed selection at Seedsman can only be described as absolutely vast. They sell tons of different brands of seeds, and stock a majority of the strains produced by those brands as well. This isn’t just a shop with the top ten strains from a couple of popular brands, they really try their best to stock as many of each brand’s strains as they feasibly can.

The list of brands they stock is extremely long, some of the highlights are: Sensi Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Serious Seeds, DNA Genetics, Cali Connection, T.H Seeds, Soma Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Buddha Seeds, CBD Crew, Dinafem Seeds, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Co, and Moxie Seeds.

And that is just a small sampling of the brands that they stock! The selection at Seedsman seed bank really is the largest that we have ever seen anywhere, online or in store.

Product Quality

Seed quality is going to vary from brand to brand. Because Seedsman Seed selection is so wide and varied, there is going to also be a lot of variety in the quality of the seeds being sold. This means that the seeds that Seedsman distributes for other brands will be up to the quality standards of that particular brand. Those quality standards vary wildly from brand to brand.

Customer Service

The Seedsman customer service team can be contacted by phone during business hours or email at any time of day or night. Before you contact them, though, you might find that your question is answered in their Support Center, where you can access information on a multitude of common problems including technical issues, order status, shipping, payment, returns and refunds, promotions, privacy and security, and more. The disappointing thing is that because Seedsman technically sells their seeds as “adult souvenirs” or for genetic preservation purposes only, they won’t be able to answer any of your questions about cultivation or germination.

Shopping Experience

The shopping experience on Seedsman’s website is great. You can search through their extensive catalog of seeds by breeder, type, strain, characteristics, price, cultivation, award winners, or even by symptom for medical strains. They also sell storage products designed to keep your seeds fresh long-term, merchandise, clothing, books, and vaporizers. Each strain features a detailed description as well as reviews from other customers.

Sales, Discounts, and Promotions

For those hoping for sale prices on seeds, you can find them without needing a Seedsman discount code or coupon. Seedsman maintains a sales page on their website where they regularly put up new discounted items and hold competitions for free products. They also have a permanent discount program where you get a 5% discount on orders more than €150, 10% on orders more than €250, 15% on orders more than €350, and 20% on orders more than €450. That’s a major savings for those who make bulk orders!

They have a current promotion that includes free shipping within Europe when you spend €80 or more on your order, as well as a Bitcoin discount where you can earn yourself some free seeds! For a limited time, customers can also get up to 8 free seeds with any order of regular, autoflower, or feminized seeds. They also have specific promotions on certain seed brands, so check out the sales page regularly to see if your favorite brands are being discounted.

For customers looking for discounts on an awesome selection of top strains and the freshest, highest-quality seeds available with worldwide shipping, check out the MSNL Special Offers Page.

Shipping, Returns, and Payment Methods

Seedsman seed bank ships cannabis seeds and other merchandise worldwide. They use stealth shipping methods whenever necessary to ensure that your order gets to you in one piece and in a timely fashion. Delivery costs are dependent upon the final weight and size of your order, but free shipping promotions are regularly available, so check the promotions page before placing your order. Tracking information will be sent to the email address you provide during checkout. Most orders are dispatched within 1 to 3 business days. UK orders should arrive 1 to 3 working days after that, European orders should arrive within two weeks, and orders shipping to the rest of the world should arrive in under 25 business days. Orders may be shipped in their original packaging, a DVD case, or another stealth object depending on their destination and length of journey, at the packager’s discretion. Your name and address only will be handwritten on the envelope, with no logo or promotional text for Seedsman seed bank.

Seedsman Seeds also has an excellent return policy that lets you return any merchandise you’re not happy with for a full refund or product exchange within 90 days of purchase, provided that the item is in new, unused condition in its original packaging. To start your return, you’ll need to contact the customer service team and explain your situation. They’ll let you know how to proceed. For merchandise that arrives damaged, contact Seedsman within 14 days of receipt to arrange a replacement or refund.

Payment options include Bitcoin, bank transfer, cash, check, postal orders, iDeal, Sofort, credit and debit card (including pre-paid Visa) and card payment over the phone. You can select which currency you would like to use on their website. This feature will let you see prices in your local currency. They currently have several promotions running that give you a discount for using certain preferred payment types, such as 10% off of cash, check, or postal orders, and 25% off and extra free seeds for paying with Bitcoin.

Seedsman Final Review

Seedsman Seed Bank is a great choice for customers who wish to buy a brand of seeds that wouldn’t otherwise be available in their area. Before you get disappointed that your favorite seed breeder won’t ship to you, check out Seedsman first. Barring a great sale, it is usually better to buy straight from the breeder if you can – the prices are usually cheaper and the product is usually just a bit fresher. Seedsman is a great option if you want to order a mixture of different seed brands, since you can get everything you need and only need to pay for shipping once.

Better Alternatives

Seedsman is a great alternative option if your favorite brands don’t ship to your location. However, if you can get seeds directly from the breeder, that is the best option.

The following seed breeders are shipping worldwide and highly recommended:
  • Marijuana-Seeds.NL (MSNL) – This British seed bank is a well-known and high-quality seed breeder with a massive variety of cannabis strains. They have an excellent customer service team, offer worldwide stealth shipping, awesome promotions, and free cannabis seeds with every purchase. Payment options are credit cards, bank transfer, cash, money orders, and Bitcoin. Bitcoin and bank transfer orders automatically receives a 15% discount on top of any sales prices.
  • Ministry of Cannabis – This Spanish seed bank is highly-recommended for seed buyers on a budget. Ministry of Cannabis may be inexpensive, but their seeds definitely aren't cheap. They offer a great value for your money and ship worldwide with stealth packaging. Payment options are Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, bank transfer, moneygram (for orders of 100 Euros or more), or cash. Their customer service is responsive and friendly.
  • Crop King Seeds – Based in Canada, Crop King doesn't have wide variety like MSNL, but the products they do have are high quality. They have an impressive germination guarantee that gives new buyers peace of mind. They also have a friendly customer service team and worldwide stealth shipping. Payment options are Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Interac E-Transfers (Canadian customers only).
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1. Herbies Seeds • Overall Best Seed Bank • Since 2012, Based in Amsterdam • Shipping Worldwide From EU/USA • Delivery Guaranteed Credit CardsBitcoinWire TransfersCash
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99 / 100
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2. ILGM Seed Bank • Best Seed Bank for Beginners • Since 2012, Based in the UK • Shipping to USA • Shipping from California • Germination & Delivery Guaranteed Credit CardsBitcoinWire TransfersCash
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96 / 100
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3. MSNL Seed Bank • Most Reputable Seed Bank • Since 1999, Based in the UK • Stealth Worldwide Shipping • Delivery Guaranteed Credit CardsBitcoinWire TransfersCash
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95 / 100
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4. Crop King Seeds • Since 2005, Based in Canada • Stealth Worldwide Shipping • Germination & Delivery Guaranteed Credit CardsBitcoin
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93 / 100
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5. WeedSeedsExpress • New Promising Seed Bank • Since 2015, Based in Amsterdam • Stealth Worldwide Shipping • Delivery Guaranteed BitcoinWire TransfersCash
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urban querilla
urban querilla
2 years ago

I will never order from Seedsman again. The delivery has been on its way somewhere 16 days and has not arrived yet in destination country in europe. Robot answers for ququestions of delivery problems.

Michael D Penney
Michael D Penney
4 years ago

I will never order anything from this company again!

I placed an order on May 9th 2020, got confirmation email that may payment was received and my order was on the way and would arrive May 22-28. I received an email about a week later saying my order has shipped and would arrive by Sept 5th. So I emailed them and opened a ticket on their website to find out if this was indeed the correct delivery date. No responses from them. Just generic computer reply. Two weeks go by I hear nothing. The week my order is supposed to arrive, still crickets.

I wrote a review of Seedsman on another website stating I was reversing the charges on my card. They was quick to tell me my order was being canceled after that. In contacting my bank to reverse the charges I discovered the bank that charged my card was a shipping company in China. So there you have it folks. Your seeds are not coming from Spain as they would have you believe, China. So now all the negative reviews make sense. Now I know why people are claiming their seeds never germinate or they haven’t received their orders. Its a fake ass internet scam site!

J. Heinze
J. Heinze
4 years ago

Ordered a few seeds from seedsman recently. Paid with Zelle which was suggested as a “recommended” form of payment. After the order is made an email is received advising how to make the payment. I followed those directions to a T… I’ve sent 3 messages on there website and a email address that was provided in order to send payment through Zelle… NOTHING… No response! And obviously, no seeds…

I read in a different review, if you don’t pay extra for tracking then most likely you won’t be getting your seeds! I guess I’m out a few bucks. At this point it is what it is, at least it wasn’t a whole lot of money but it’s just bad business! I will not be ordering from again! There are just far too many other providers out there to roll the dice with , You have been warned , processed with caution!

4 years ago

Seedsman no longer offers “stealth” shipping. They now send all orders out using a batch method. The batch order goes to Hawaii and from Hawaii to either CA. or OK. and from there the batch order is separated into individual shipments by putting the packs straight into a plastic padded USPS priority envelope. In other words, you will get nothing more than a plastic envelope with loose packs in it. Really??? This allows seedsman to bypass Chicago Customs who are notorious for seizing orders and in turn, this saves seedsman the time, trouble and expense of having to replace the seized orders.

Customs never went after the customer. They simply confiscated the seeds and sent the empty packages to the customer but this isn’t the case with USPS. Gee, what do you think USPS would do with a ripped open bag full of loose packs of seeds? USPS is not allowed to open or inspect packages by law but they do call the authorities when something looks suspicious.

The authorities (police) are allowed by law to open or inspect any mail that looks suspicious. This new shipping method obviously puts the customer at a much higher level of risk but seedsman will deny this admittedly and try to make it sound like this is much safer and faster, when in reality, it’s quite the opposite on both counts. I mean seriously, a seed bank that doesn’t offer stealth shipping? No thanks!!!

4 years ago

I ordered last summer and it went well… I tried to re-order this past spring and had completely different experience! Same credit card was used but in the spring my bank had blocked the transaction 3 times, even after they said they will allow it to go through if I trust them… it was still blocked… I was told it was due to a ‘suspicious processor that the payment was going through in china.

In the end I ordered from elsewhere… low and behold, 6 weeks later, my card is blocked because there was thousands in attempted fraud off my card from online! Never in 6 years has that happened to me with this card, I would certainly not trust seedsman ever again!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Mario

my friend had the same problem a week ago . the credit card company canceled the payment & quarantined his card..

4 years ago
Reply to  Mario

Hmm I’ve had one attempt so far come from China. My bank alerted me as well. Names did not match what Seedsman said to expect. Seedsman did not respond to my inquiry so blocked it. That’s was Dec 25th. It is Jan 24th they are trying again. Even though i sent them a stop transaction as well as asked how to get my card info off. They responded they don’t store my info. ? Buy a pre-paid card and load it. Safe that way.

5 years ago

Perhaps you had a good experience, but many of us have not. My recent order of 8 seeds, with about twice that of freebies because my order was delayed 3 weeks, contained no viable seeds = 72 euros gone. This whole SNAFU has delayed my grow by 2 months so now I’ll run out of my supply and need to buy on the open market.

Their customer service was slow to respond and very apprehensive in helping solve my problem, which [might] be giving me loyalty points to make up for the “problem.” Not enough points, mind you, to re-purchase the same items I am out. Very dissatisfied.

I have many successful grows behind me, and this last time I germinated some left over seeds I had with the whole group of Seedsman freebies and guess what, only the first group sprouted.

Either they were irradiated in the mail, or I was totally ripped off, either way I will never do business with Seedsman again. I totally disagree with your review and if you do some recent research reading customer comments you’ll find they have failed many since you wrote your review.

Sherry Dejong
Sherry Dejong
5 years ago

Seedsman will never get my business again! I’ve made 5 or 6 orders with them and all but 2 were a disappointment because of mistakes and slow shipping. This time I first ordered on 10/17/2018. On 11/1 my payment was returned back to me (no such address).

After reviewing my order I noticed they had left out part of their own address, their fault not mine. Ok, I reordered the same day on 11/1… my package just arrived today 12/12/2018. I can’t believe I’ve screwed around with these people for just shy of 2 months trying to buy their products. Never again!