A Guide to Cannabis Home Decor

Today's marijuana room decorations are sophisticated and diverse enough for any style.

When someone thinks of cannabis and home decor, they’re likely transported back to their teen years. Beaded doorway curtains, Bob Marley posters, tie-dyed marijuana leaf wall hangings, and lava lamps probably come to mind. Most people would agree that the old days of marijuana decorations for the home were over-the-top and anything but subtle.

Today, marijuana room decor is quite different. Now, cannabis is more than a forbidden hobby confined to teenage bedrooms and basement rec rooms. As more places have legalized marijuana and the stigma surrounding it has begun to lift, cannabis has become a larger part of people’s everyday lifestyle. This means integrating it into tasteful and sophisticated marijuana home decor.

Marijuana decor can be large or small, subtle or more noticeable. No matter what, the goal of incorporating these types of pieces into a room is typically to create a style that’s unusual, inviting, and chic. They include nods to Mother Nature and cannabis culture, as well as homages to cannabis history. Cannabis-inspired decorations can serve as furniture, as an interesting or thought-provoking art piece, or even something beautiful and functional to use during a smoke session.

From entire marijuana-themed rooms to accent pieces that would go unnoticed by anyone except a fellow cannabis connoisseur, here are some of the most popular categories of cannabis decor.

Marijuana Decor for Walls

As the cannabis market has grown and become more mainstream, one of the more noticeable ways people are bringing cannabis-centric style to their abodes is by choosing interesting pieces of wall art to accent their living rooms, bedrooms, and more. From painted canvases to framed posters and murals, there are many ways to display one’s appreciation for the greener things in life.

Appealing to Aesthetics

One of the most noticeable things about cannabis decor is how it’s able to highlight the inherent beauty of nature. From close-up portraits highlighting the rainbow of colors and crystalline trichomes on cannabis buds to the graceful flow of marijuana leaves, there’s plenty of fodder for artwork in the world of cannabis. Photographs and paintings featuring clouds and drifts of smoke also offer encouragement to relax and free one’s mind – even if it’s not time for a smoke.

For Scientific Minds

Another common find in cannabis wall decor is prints and artwork that explore the scientific world of weed. An elegantly-framed vintage botanical illustration of a cannabis plant and its seeds serves as an excellent reminder that despite all the hype and the headlines, the topic of so much current controversy is only a plant, after all.

Similarly, illustrations of THC and cannabidiol CBD molecules provide an interesting visual depiction of the power behind the plant.

History Buffs Only

Another common theme in marijuana decorations for the home are salutes to cannabis history. These include ancient history as well as 420 decor that references more recent events. A more subtle nod to cannabis history would be a wall panel featuring an image of Magu, the priestess of cannabis. An immortal hemp maiden, she is a Taoist protector of women and healing deity. While not everyone will get the reference, this kind of artwork makes an interesting conversation piece for cannabis lovers.

More tongue-in-cheek homages to herb might include framed prints of anti-marijuana movie posters or propaganda artwork from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Posters for campy movie favorites like Reefer Madness as well as lesser-known films such as Marijuana starring John Wayne (released in the U.S. as Big Jim McClain) offer a colorful way to decorate in cannabis-themed style.

Murals and More

Marijuana-inspired artwork doesn’t have to fit on a canvas or in a frame; it can also be applied directly to the walls. Some people choose to get artsy and paint a wall in a 420 theme. For those who aren’t artistically-inclined, the internet is awash with wall stickers that look as though they were painted on. From contemporary pot leaf designs that are a far cry from juvenile bedroom weed decor to full-color depictions of cannabis nuggets, the sky’s the limit on the selection of wall stickers available in a cannabis theme.

Hemp Furniture as Subtle Cannabis Decor

As mentioned before, not all marijuana decorations need to be obvious. Some cannabis connoisseurs work hard to promote hemp as a plant that can be used to make a wide variety of sustainable, durable materials. Because its fibers can be woven into cloth, hemp is an excellent material for furniture, and there are many reasons why it’s an attractive choice for those who enjoy the green lifestyle.


Hemp grows fast and can be very tightly packed, which means farmers can reap a large harvest from a small piece of land. When compared with cotton, hemp also requires much less water to grow. This is according to a 2005 report by the Stockholm Environment Institute that compared the resources needed to produce cotton, hemp, and polyester. In addition to being a fashion statement for cannabis connoisseurs, it’s also sustainable.


A nice hemp couch or chair is also an excellent choice for someone who would like furniture made from fibers that haven’t been drenched in chemicals. Because hemp is naturally pest-resistant, it typically doesn’t need pesticides. Because hemp fibers are naturally a light color, they don’t have to be bleached the way other materials do.

Cannabis-Themed Furniture

Utilizing cannabis-themed furniture in one’s house doesn’t have to mean having a couch that’s emblazoned with marijuana leaves. While the addition of hemp furniture is one way to bring in cannabis style in a way that’s understated and sophisticated, there are other ways to integrate marijuana decor with one’s already-existing furniture. Those who would like to venture beyond hemp to options that are visually inspired by the world of cannabis would do well to keep an eye out for the many interesting options that are available from craftsmen (and women) throughout the world.

One example is this cannabis wood side table. Made from a hemp tree, it features a base made of hard gel that puts Mother Nature on full display by showing off the tree’s roots.

Smaller marijuana-themed accent pieces can be found in variety of stores both online and when shopping in person, but larger cannabis furniture items are more rare. This makes a larger cannabis-inspired piece an interesting one-of-a-kind way to add in marijuana decor that’s truly unique.

Cannabis Decorations for the Bedroom

Cannabis decor is for more than just the bedroom. After enjoying a nice sleepy strain, marijuana lovers can retire to a bedroom filled with 420-friendly bedding, whether it’s made from cannabis materials or is designed in a way that offers a nod to marijuana consumption.

Natural Hemp Mattresses and Bedding

People prefer hemp mattresses and bedding for the same reason they enjoy hemp furniture. They’re made of eco-friendly, all-natural fibers that are typically pesticide-free. Hemp mattresses may feature tufted hemp filling, a hemp cover, or both. Because hemp is naturally mildew- and mold-resistant, it’s an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

420-Inspired Bedding

While hemp bedding is a more subtle way to utilize 420 decor to highlight the cannabis lifestyle, marijuana-themed bedding adds noticeable accents to any boudoir. This doesn’t mean gaudy tie-dyed bedsheets and comforters, either; it’s easy to accent any type of bedding with a throw pillow featuring buds, leaves, or an entire marijuana forest. Similarly, there are marijuana duvet covers featuring everything from gentle smoke patterns to giant marijuana leaves.

Cannabis Lighting, Books, and Sculptures

With the walls and furniture covered in fine cannabis gear, it’s time to accent the rest of the room. Just as with other marijuana decorations, these items can be things that are noticeably 420-centric even to those who don’t consume cannabis, as well as interesting pieces that are meant to draw attention and spark conversation amongst marijuana lovers only.

Especially for those who dwell in a more compact living space, it’s essential to make sure that even decorative items are useful. This is why pieces such as cannabis-themed lamps and lighting fixtures are such an exciting find. They make edgy and interesting weed decorations while serving a useful purpose.

For people who have room to display decor around the room, the internet is full of creative handmade marijuana sculptures and shelf-sitters. Items such as a two-foot-high bronze cannabis plant make a unique and bold statement, for example, while smaller carvings and curios offer a flexible way to add a bit of 420 flair to any room.

Books are another excellent item to stimulate the eye as well as the mind. Cannabis-related coffee table books are the ultimate way to decorate and educate at the same time. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana by Erik Christiansen features beautifully-detailed photography of marijuana plants and buds, as well as a primer on plant anatomy, strains, and more. Another favorite is Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed, a guide that voyages far beyond pot brownies to teach the art of making sophisticated marijuana-infused food – complete with illustrations and full-color photos.

Gear That Doubles as Marijuana Decorations

When many people first begin consuming cannabis, they often opt for gear that serves a utility purpose but may not be aesthetically pleasing. As time goes on, however, some cannabis connoisseurs find that they enjoy collecting items that are useful for storing or consuming their marijuana but also do a nice job of accenting the room even when there is no smoke session going on. While there is an entire universe of blown-glass bongs and rigs as well as hand-crafted pipes made of all materials, there are also other items that can do double-duty as pieces of art.


A particularly lucky problem for any marijuana lover to have is where to store their extra cannabis to keep it safe and fresh. Cannabis experts now advise against storing flower in plastic bags, as the surface can dislodge kief and even potentially leach chemicals into the bud. Glass jars work better, but they’re hardly a discreet way to store marijuana.

This has created a market for beautiful wooden stash boxes, from ones with hand-carved designs to airtight cannabis humidors that prevent oxidation and keep scents inside. Stash boxes come in all shapes and sizes – from boxes to cannabis skulls that open up to reveal the contents within. Some storage containers feature ornate designs and some even lock to keep the contents fully secure.

Ash Trays

There are plenty of cannabis accessories that are interesting and eye-catching enough to double as decor. Ashtrays are one such item, from kitschy retro ashtrays to low-key designs that feature debowlers for when it’s time to pack a fresh bowl and clean the screen. Also popular among weed decor items are hand-carved rolling trays. While they’re an incredibly useful part of the joint-rolling ritual, many of these trays feature such craftsmanship that people love leaving them out to admire all the time.

Accessories and Holiday Art

The diverse cannabis decor market also offers opportunities for people to educate and provoke thought in their visitors as well as decorate with an eclectic and interesting style. There are plenty of smaller items that can be displayed around a room or tucked into cabinets for occasional display or use. Magnets and coffee mugs call for legalization and remind people of marijuana’s medicinal properties. Meanwhile, a Zig-Zag wall clock offers a fun retro spin that’s cannabis-friendly and still somewhat subtle.

Marijuana home decor can be for every day of the year or just for the holiday season. If cannabis connoisseurs want to get a bit more festive during Christmas time, a wide variety of marijuana-themed holiday ornaments can help get everyone in the spirit. With the tree fully decorated, the only challenge will be to avoid mixing up the “special” cookies from the traditional holiday ones.

Cannabis Decor for the Sophisticated Connoisseur

Just a decade or so ago, people’s options were limited when shopping for marijuana decor. They’d only be able to find cannabis-themed items at headshops and those items were often not suitable for a mature adult living space. A typical 420-decorated room might consist of Grateful Dead bears, Bob Marley posters, and brightly-colored wall hangings all veiled behind a curtain of love beads and lit with a black light.

Fast-forward to today, and marijuana decor has changed greatly. Modern cannabis connoisseurs can find a diversity of marijuana home decor options that are perfect to suit any taste. From subtle and sophisticated to tongue-in-cheek and front-and-center, online shopping provides a wide variety of furniture, artwork, and decorative pieces that will work anywhere throughout the home. The result is a far cry from the trippy, hippy-themed 420 decorations of the past. Whether a homeowner wants a subtle nod t0 hemp or an all-out ode to THC, today’s cannabis decor, like the industry itself, has moved fully into the mainstream.

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