Review of Rizla Rolling Papers: 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Rizla is a well-known brand in the rolling paper industry, but how does it rate on quality, innovation, and other important attributes? Find out everything about Rizla papers so you can buy the best of the best.

Choosing the right rolling paper for your cannabis-loving lifestyle can be more difficult than it may at first seem. With several brands of roll-your-own (RYO) paper saturating the global market, distinguishing the good from the bad can be time-consuming and frustrating. To help you make a more informed purchasing decision about Rizla Rolling Papers, which are arguably the top-selling papers in the world, use this honest review of everything Rizla-related. Learn how the popular brand ranks for quality, innovation, and other crucial features.

The Origins of Rizla Rolling Paper

The concept for Rizla Rolling Papers dates back all the way to the 1500s, in France. In 1532, Pierre Lacroix was inspired to create rolling papers after he traded papers for a bottle of Perigord Champagne, which was the finest of its kind. It was in this moment that he realized the great value of rolling papers. In 1660, another member of the Lacroix family, named Phillipe, began manufacturing the world’s very first cigarette papers.

By the late 1730s, the Lacroix family had bought their first paper mill and founded the Lacroix Rolling Paper Company. In 1796, the company struck a deal with Napoleon to manufacture rolling papers for his soldiers, so that these troops could roll their own paper. At this point, production of the sheets increased substantially.

The year was 1865, shortly after a big change to the papers, when the brand name Rizla+ came to be. The papers switched from being made of tissue to rice instead, which prompted the name “Rizla+”: “Riz” is the French word for rice, while “La” stands for the Lacroix family name, which literally means the cross in French. Hence the name of “Riz La +” for the brand. As the papers are commonly known as “Rizla” today, this review simply uses the shorter name.

The first Rizla booklets were produced in 1881 and steadily grew in popularity in France and other parts of Europe, as well as the United States. Production expanded to the United Kingdom in 1937 when demand for the papers rose during World War II. The company would go on to buy General Paper & Box, which was a South Wales-based client during the war.

Gradually Rizla production moved completely to Wales; the relocation was completed by 1969. At this point, the Lacroix family was in a position to sell and sold the company to the Belgium businessman Fernand Painblanc.

In 1981, licorice-flavored papers were introduced to the line. Then, in 1997, the big tobacco company Imperial Tobacco acquired Rizla. After this point, the Red, Silver, White, and Green papers were released.

Rizla’s Innovations in Rolling Paper

Rizla is responsible for many firsts in the rolling paper industry. As earlier mentioned, Rizla introduced cigarette papers for rolling in 1660. Then, in 1799, a new process of rolling papers by hand was patented by the Lacroix family.

In 1906, the company offered new flavors of menthol and strawberry, which had not previously been on the paper market. Rizla also introduced gummed papers in 1942 and was the pioneering brand of king size papers in 1977.

In other words, Rizla has been a revolutionary brand in the cannabis industry for pushing the limits of what is possible. Their innovations have helped pave the way for many other brands.

The Rizla Brand Today

Imperial Brands, formerly called Imperial Tobacco, owns the Rizla brand. Its headquarters is in Pontypridd, Wales, just north of the Welsh city of Cardiff. Today, in 2024, Rizla papers is a huge manufacturer of RYO papers, selling over three billion skins every year across more than 120 countries.

In addition to carrying several different kinds of rolling paper for weed, Rizla also has accessories, such as filters and tubes. The brand is well known globally for their papers and their long history. In fact, in the UK, Rizla is often used as another name for rolling papers, which shows its popularity there.

Billions of the papers have been sold across the globe, and the company has made claims that if all papers bought were to be laid out across the world they would reach from one end to the other 52 times. This accomplishment is indeed massive.

Rizla’s Reputation

Rizla is arguably the best-known brand on Earth. Around the globe, Rizla is well thought of for its rolling paper; many users associate the name with quality and appreciate that Rizla paper is made with consistently high standards year after year. Rizla is also known for its clean flavor, which enables the smoker to enjoy the taste of weed above all else.

Plus, the Rizla name is one that everyone is familiar with as the skins are stocked everywhere from tiny convenience stores to large e-stores. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should buy them anywhere online as you might be overcharged or, worse yet, not receive what you ordered.

Types of Rizla Papers

Rizla rolling papers are coded by color to provide an easy way to distinguish between the varieties. There is Blue, Silver, Red, Green, Orange, Micron, Pink, Natura, Oyster Pearl, and Ciel, as well as the Special Edition Tattoo Black and Tattoo White papers.

All of the papers but Natura are made of rice; Natura is composed of organic hemp. All papers are self-sticking (gummed).

Rizla Blue

Rizla Blue Rolling Papers are chlorine-free; the absence of this particular chemical element makes them a healthier choice in the eyes of many users. Rizla Blue papers are fine and lightweight. They have a slow burn and only leave trace amounts of ash. Blue is amongst the thinnest of all the Rizla varieties.

Rizla Blue comes in Single Wide (often called “Regular” online), King Size, and King Size Slim. One type is not better than the other; instead, it depends on your preference.

Rizla Silver

The ultra-thin Rizla Silver Rolling Papers are thinner than a single hair on your head, which makes for a slow burn and hardly any ash.

The sizes for Silver are Single Wide (regular), 1 1/4 which is quite hard to find online, and King Size Slim.

While Rizla Silver has the same thickness as Blue, Silver is see-through, while Blue is not. Be gentle when licking the gum on the Silver paper though as the thinness of the sheet increases the risks of it disintegrating from the moisture.

Rizla Red

Rizla Red Rolling Papers has a medium thickness. The sizes are Single Wide (regular – 70mm), King Size, and King Size Slim (also called “King Size Narrow”).

Rizla Red has a medium thickness and medium weight. As it is thicker than Silver, Red does not burn as slowly as Silver, so you will have to take that into consideration. On a more positive note, Red leaves little ash.

Rizla Green

Rizla Green Rolling Papers have a medium thickness like Red but also have cut corners (Red does not). The cut corners make rolling easier; simply tuck in the paper when you start to roll and finish the process like a pro. The cuts are also helpful when rolling in the dark as they provide a touch guide for which way the paper is facing before you start to roll it.

Rizla Green has a normal burn and minimal ash. With more than 2000 holes in each sheet, you get a smooth, even smoke from these skins. Green are limited in size though; they only come in Single Wide and King Size.

Rizla Black

Rizla Black series is a super thin version of Rizla rolling papers. Those papers are extra thin, which is great when rolling cannabis by hand; they are even thinner than Rizla Silver.

Those papers come in Single Wide and King Size Slim.

Rizla also offers Tattoo Black (and Tattoo White) Rolling Papers, both of which are Limited Edition papers. The tattoo name comes from the distinctive tattoo design on the package; the Tattoo Black is matt black with gold letters and silver tattoo, while Tattoo White is matt white with gold letters and silver tattoo.

Tattoo Black and Tattoo White are ideal for collectors or for rollers who desire a sleeker look. When you have a special occasion, for example, the Rizla Tattoo papers provide a nice way to celebrate the day.

Note: Rizla Black and Rizla Tattoo Black are exactly the same product, just with different packaging (same for Rizla White Tattoo). While the tattooed versions are limited – the Rizla Black and Rizla White are not.

Rizla Micron

You may have also heard of Micron papers from Rizla. These skins are available in Single Wide and King Size Slim.

These papers are the thinnest rolling paper ever made by Rizla, and probably from any brand, which shows Rizla always tries to go the extra mile. They are transparent and provide the benefit of roll-your-own with less paper. Plus, you do not taste any of the paper because it is very thin; with Micron skins, you get the most flavor possible from your weed.

Rizla Natura

Rizla Natura Hemp papers are 100 percent unbleached rolling papers made from natural hemp. For the eco-friendly buyer, they are great. It comes in Single Wide and King Size Slim sizes.

These skins are easy to roll, and they burn slowly, which makes for a great smoking experience. The ultra-thin papers also have an even burn, and the gum sticks well on the rolled paper.

Rizla Orange

Rizla Orange Rolling Papers are legendary as they were the first flavored papers on the market that you could roll. The flavor is subtle, with just a hint of licorice, rather than being overly sweet or candy-like, which we, personally, would find off-putting. On the other hand, the flavoring does detract a bit from the taste of the marijuana being smoked. Based on our review, we recommend buying the Orange rolling papers for occasional use only rather than as an everyday smoke.

The medium-weight Orange papers come in one size which is Rizla Orange (Licorice) Single Wide. If demand for this particular type increases, perhaps Rizla will expand its size range to include 1 1/4 and King Size too.

Rizla Ventaire (White)

Rizla Ventaire White papers are chlorine-free. Although these papers have been discontinued by Imperial Tobacco, you may still find them online, and, for that reason, we wanted to include them in this 2024 review.

The only option (left) is Rizla Ventaire Single Wide.

The paper is heavy, which means there is less opportunity for it to disintegrate when licking it than a thinner paper.

Also, it is perforated for good airflow.

Rizla Pink

The Rizla Pink rolling paper is a Limited Edition paper that has a feminine touch. It is perfect for a woman looking for a refined flavor.

Recently released in 2015, Pink is a lightweight paper and thinner than Red or Green Single Wides.

If you love pink, this one is fun. It is only available in Single Wide though; we hope Rizla Pink King Size will be on the market soon.

Rizla Ciel

The sky blue color of the Ciel package catches the eye right away.

Rizla Ciel is a Limited Edition paper that you can buy in Single Wide. The paper has a medium thickness and burns slowly with its 14.5g/m2 weight.

The taste is lighter than you find with many other brands, and we like that the corners are cut to simplify the rolling method (especially in the dark). Little ash is left while burning too.

Rizla Oyster – White Pearl and Black Pearl

Rizla Oyster Pearl is a Limited Edition from Rizla (quite hard to find online); there is White Pearl and Black Pearl. The White Pearl has a pearl white effect on the packaging, while this look is black on the Black Pearl pack. Both types of Oyster Pearl rolling papers are king size slim size.

These papers are perforated thousands of times to provide incredible air flow for a very slow-burning experience. They are even slimmer than Silver King Size Slims, although the difference is so fine that it can only be seen by holding the papers up to the light.

Gum on Rizla Papers: What is it and How Does it Perform?

Rizla uses a natural gum on its papers called arabic gum. It is vegetable-based and comes from acacia trees in Africa. The process of creating the gummed line for the skins begins by making incisions in the tree bark. The sap develops nodules, and they are harvested, cleaned, and processed into Acacia gum in special facilities.

As for the performance of the gum, online reviewers across the globe agree that it is top quality. While some competitor papers have gum that won’t stick the first time around, Rizla papers are known for sticking firmly right away. As a result, rolling is more of a joy than a pain, and the joint gets lit sooner rather than later.

Rizla Tubes, Filters, Injectors, and Rolling Machines

Along with rolling papers, Rizla also sells tubes, rolling machines, injectors, and filter tips. Many RYO enthusiasts swear by the filter tips as they make hand rolling easier and ensure a smooth smoke. Available in many sizes, Rizla filter tips are pre-cut well and come in a handy protective packet.

As for Rizla tubes, they are available in flavors such as menthol and strawberry. There are several sizes too, such as the Make Your Own (MYO) Cigarettes Tubes in King Size (100 tubes per carton) that are 84mm long. The MYO tubes and tube machine replace the discontinued Rizla Concept cigarette tubes and Concept rolling machines. Essentially they are the same tubes with a different name and different color of the package.

The tubes are a great way to get professional-looking joints, especially if you have yet to master the hand rolling technique or lack the motor skills to do so. Just be aware that Rizla MYO tubes are slimmer than the universal size, so they will not fit within every rolling machine. The easiest way to make sure the tubes fit the machine properly is to stick with the Rizla brand for the whole process.

The Make Your Own (MYO) Cigarette Maker from Rizla is made for 84mm tubes. It replaces the old Rizla blue machine as the perfect solution for make-your-own joints. It is thinner and lighter than the previous model, as well as being simple to use for newbies and connoisseurs alike.

The machine simply takes the marijuana and stuffs it into the pre-made tubes. You may also want to buy the Rizla Shooter/Injector that enables you to inject cigarette tubes with your favorite blend of weed easily.

Rice Papers: Do They Make a Difference?

Rizla Rolling Papers are made from rice, with the exception of the Natura hemp papers. Benefits of rice paper include that they can be ultra-thin and produce very little ash when burned.

Rice paper is also well known for being a slow burning paper, so you get the most out of your weed. But, rolling is typically tougher with rice sheets than hemp. Another downside is that several of the Rizla varieties contain chemicals (that is how they can be so thin and burn evenly). On the other hand, rice paper is almost completely tasteless, which means you get the most flavor out of your cannabis when smoking with them.

Conclusions about Rizla: Do We Recommend This Brand?

Taking all of the above information into account, here are our conclusions about Rizla Rolling Papers. We note, first and foremost, that Rizla is a huge brand. It is arguably the biggest brand of rolling papers in the world, selling in over 120 countries. The brand’s reputation is strong, and a large fanbase exists, all of which positions Rizla as trustworthy and likable.

Next, let’s consider the paper quality. Yes, it lives up to Rizla’s great reputation. For example, the ultra-thin Silver is a smooth smoke with little ash, and the thin Tattoo Black has a refined taste and a sophisticated package.

Rizla has a range of paper widths and thicknesses to meet the preferences of most marijuana RYO smokers. There are even flavored papers for the adults who want this option. When you buy the rolling papers through a reputable online provider, such as Rolling Paper Depot, you will get genuine, affordably-priced Rizla skins every time.

The color-coding system of the packages, in our opinion, is a simple yet brilliant way to distinguish between the different types of papers simply by looking at them. The packs are simplistic in design, and we favor this approach over some of the cutesy, gaudy packs of other brands. Plus, the packs are made to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse, which is great if you roll on the go, and a paper slip inserted within the pack serves as a clever reminder when only a few skins are left that that you should order more.

Rest assured when you do order more papers that Rizla papers will still be on the market as they are not a fly-by-night brand. Instead, Rizla has a long history that dates back over 400 years. Over this long timespan, Rizla has advanced the cannabis industry by offering several firsts in rolling paper.

Rizla takes the rolling paper business seriously and has a good foundation. When taking all of these reasons together, we come to the conclusion that, yes, we recommend Rizla Rolling Papers to roll-your-own enthusiasts across the globe.

Buy Online: Rizla Rolling Papers (Amazon)

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3 years ago

The papers I get now aren’t color coded, they’re plain army brown/green. Same papers, just harder to distinguish.

6 years ago

I always use rizla and only rizla and I have never had any problems, they always stick and they’re strong (and I use many different types of rizla varieties).

6 years ago

Be careful not to lick the glue off – the gum they use is just fine.

Mr H. J. Thomas
Mr H. J. Thomas
6 years ago

I have used rizla for a long time but now have found the gum to stick the paper together comes apart after awhile when having the cigarette I have just made, so I think you seriously need to go back to the drawing board & look at the gum you manufacture to apply to the paper.