Review of OCB Rolling Papers for Cannabis Enthusiasts

We put OCB rolling papers to the test in this comprehensive 2024 review, inspecting them for quality, selection, and more, as part of our goal to find the best papers for cannabis enthusiasts to buy online.

If you prefer to roll out your own joints, then you likely already understand not all rolling papers are created equal. In this review, we look at one particular brand of papers, simply known as OCB. Find out if OCB papers are worth spending money or not, based on quality, customer service, price, and other important features. Use this review as a helpful tool in your quest to get the best roll-your-own (RYO) smoking experience possible.

What Do the Initials OCB Stand for?

OCB is not just random letters thrown together but instead has a significant meaning. OCB is short for Odet Cascadec Bollorè. Odet is a location in Eguè-Gabèric in north-western France, near the Odet River, which is where the OCB brand all started in 1822 when a paper mill opened there. As for Cascadec, it is close by Oden, in a place known as Scaër, where another paper mill was later built. Bollorè refers to the company’s founding family Bollorè.

The Origins of OCB Rolling Papers

The first factory used by the founders of OCB was set on the banks of the Odet river. It was in this paper mill that Nicolas Le Marie, Renè Corentin Bollorè, and Guillaume Claude Bollorè began to manufacture smoking rolling papers and letter copy papers. They later opened another factory in Scaër, in 1893, which they would go on to buy in 1917. It was in this second location that the company specialized in thin cigarette rolling papers made of flexible textile fibers and flax.

The roots of the OCB name can be credited to Rene Bollorè; the first paper packages to display the OCB brand on them were produced in 1918. Five years later, the company trademark was registered.

Over the next 15 years, the company would go on to produce close to 86 million packs of the smoking papers at the two mills. Most of the items were shipped to other countries, with the most demand coming from the United States.

When the Nazis took over France, production levels at the mills dropped significantly, and they were unable to continue exporting to the U.S. By the late 1930s, though, OCB was able to find a solution to meet the American requests for their products by setting up a temporary mill in North California.

The company expanded over the next few decades by adding tea bags and other offerings to their exports. Incredibly, by the 1950s, about one in ten cigarettes smoked around the globe came from OCB. In 1981, Vincent Bollorè took the helm at OCB.

A significant change came in the year 2000, when Vincent Bollorè sold most of his shares in the company to Don Levin of American Republic Tobacco Group, which had been their biggest customer for the last 40 years.

As the new owner, Don Levin renamed the company Republic Technologies and OCB became a brand within it. In 2004, the company introduced biodegradable filters into its product line. By 2006, Vincent Bollorè had sold his remaining shares to Don Levin.

About the OCB Brand Today

Today, in 2024, OCB sells their rolling papers globally, in addition to the U.S. The OCB papers are still made in France, just as they were when the company first started, which speaks highly of the company’s commitment to its roots and to offering authentic products.

OCB is a very popular brand in Europe and has a strong reputation online. They have a big social media presence, particularly on Facebook. The Facebook page has almost 240,000 likes, which speaks highly of the brand’s influence and its huge fan base.

The company offers several rolling paper collections, in addition to their own brand of tips and accessories. Every part of the manufacturing process is closely monitored to provide the best quality of paper to consumers, no matter which kind or size you choose to buy from them.

Types of OCB Rolling Papers

OCB rolling paper collections include White, Premium, Xpert, Ultimate, and Orange and few others. They differ by the materials used, size, and appearance of the packaging. As nothing is easy, the names of the papers can differ from shop to shop; for example, you may notice Single Wide is known as No.1 Regular at some online stores. Here is our review of each type of OCB paper:

OCB Premium Papers

The Premium line of OCB rolling papers dates back to 1999. Also known as “OCB Blacks,” Premium papers come in chic black booklets with silver hologram logos on the front of the packs. The sheets are thin, chlorine-free, and designed with lateral watermarking to provide a gradual burn.

OCB Premium is available in:

These papers are made from flax plant fibers and are so thin that you can practically see through them. Premium papers burn evenly and leave minimal ash.

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OCB X-PERT Rolling Papers

For cannabis connoisseurs, OCB’s Xpert collection may be the perfect go-to rolling paper. Xpert is made to be top quality, lightweight, and ultra-thin. The sizes are: Single Wide (36mm x 69mm) 1 1/4 (44mm x 77mm), and King Size Slim (40mm x 109mm).

If a slender roll is your preference, Xpert King Slim is a good choice as it is 4mm slimmer than the typical King Size. This size feels great in hand and can still fit a fair amount of cannabis within the thin paper. As with the other types of OCB paper, Xpert is low combustion.

Buy Online: OCB X-PERT Rolling Papers (Amazon)

Organic Hemp OCB Papers

The Organic Hemp line from OCB consists of many of the same sizes as the Whites, minus the Extra Long. The Organic Hemp variety also comes in rolls, unlike the White kind. The sizes are: Single Wide, 1 1/4, King Size Slim, and Slim Paper Rolls.

Organic Hemp papers are very thin and burn slowly, thanks to their authentic watermark. This particular collection is best known for being natural and unbleached. They are free of chlorine, so you do not get an off-putting chemical taste with your joint that can detract from the flavor of the weed itself. Instead, the papers are made of a flax and hemp mixture that provides a clean smoke. Plus, no trees have been cut to create the papers, which is great from an eco-friendly standpoint.

Even the booklets are created with the environment in mind; they are made of recycled cardboard and vegetable inks are used for the writing on the packs. The OCB Organic Hemp papers are unrefined too; the exact shade of the brown papers varies according to the leaves used in the specific harvest they came from.

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OCB Virgin Rolling Papers

Virgin papers are fine, light, and feel soft to the touch too. The sizes available are: Single Wide, 1 1/4, King Size Slim, and Slim Paper Rolls.

OCB calls the papers “virgin” because they are natural and unbleached. As with the other types of rolling papers from this company, Virgin papers are slow to burn, which will enhance your smoking experience. As they are not bleached, the papers are natural brown or tanned in color. No chlorine has been used to dye the paper fibers white.

Buy Online: OCB Virgin Rolling Papers (Amazon)

OCB Orange, Blue, and Green Rolling Papers

For bold packaging of quality rolling papers, try OCB Orange, Blue, or Green papers. Contrary to what you might assume, the papers themselves are not colored; instead, only the packages come in the fun shades.

The Blue, Orange, and Green varieties are available in Single Wide (36mm x 69mm), in packs of 50 papers. We hope that OCB will offer more sizes soon for these fun packs.

These papers are specially watermarked for an even burn and are low combustion. The packaging is recyclable, with vegetable inks used for the lettering. As with the other types of OCB rolling paper, the Orange, Green, and Blue papers use vegetable gum that is free of additives. No trees have been cut down to create these papers either, so they are an eco-friendly choice for an RYO marijuana enthusiast.

OCB Ultimate Papers

The newest OCB papers are called the “Ultimate”; they touted by OCB as the thinnest rolling papers in the world. Sizes for the Ultimate line are: Single Wide (36mm x 69mm), 1 1/4 (44mm x 77mm), King Size Slim (40mm x 109mm), and Paper Rolls (44mm x 4000mm).

When the Ultimate papers launched in 2015, they were about 22 percent thinner than the typical standard thin paper on the market and roughly 22 percent lighter too. The weight is only 10g/m2. They are significantly more transparent than competitors’ thin rolling papers too.

Of course, now that you know the range of OCB rolling papers, the next question is: Where is the best place to purchase them?

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OCB White Papers

** Discontinued **

The “White” papers come in white packs (hence the reason for the name). Depending on where you see this label for sale online, they may also be called “Classic” papers or simply “Whites.” They are available in: Single Wide (36mm x 69mm) – 50 papers per pack Double Window – 2 x SW Specifications 1 1/4 (44mm x 77mm) – 50 papers per pack King Size Slim (40mm x 109mm) – 32 papers per pack Extra Long King (53mm x 98mm) – 32 papers per pack

Whites are the original type of OCB papers; they are made of pure flax papers and have been the building blocks for other OCB labels, including Premium and Organic Hemp. The thin Classic papers simplify the rolling experience, which would garner a thumbs up from most people in the RYO community. Also, the papers, as with all other types OCB papers, are low combustion.

In the White paper category, we like that there is a range of sizes to pick from, depending what you desire on a particular day. If you want more weed per joint, for example, you would choose an Extra Long King over Single Wide. However, if a more compact smoke makes sense, then SW is more likely to be the best one. As preferences change from day to day, it is helpful to have different sizes on hand.

Buy Online: OCB Rolling Papers (Amazon)

OCB Filters, Tubes, and Accessories

In addition to rolling papers, OCB also has tubes, filters, and accessories:

Filters and Tips

We are impressed by the selection of filters, including regular, biodegradable, unbleached ecopaper, and gummed slim. There are also tips that with certain collections, such as the OCB Combipack for Blue papers and the OCB Virgin Tips Unbleached Perforated. With so many styles of joint filter tips, you are sure to find one that fits your preference.

Buy Online: OCB Filters and Tips (Amazon)


Complete your roll-your-own experience with OCB Rolling Trays, OCB Rolling Machines, Automatic Rolling Box, and more. OCB makes seven kinds of tube machines and four rolling machines, as well as an auto rolling box for 1 1/4 and SW joints. The metal cases are for Premium papers and come in three sizes (for Double Window, 1 1/4, and King Size Slim).


OCB offers four tube collections; they are Premium, Long Filter, Eco-Biodegradable, and Menthol. The tubes simplify your lifestyle and can be used with any RYO cigarette machine, excluding machines for slim tubes. Crafting the perfect joint just got a little easier with these tubes.

Review of OCB Selection, Quality, and Reputation

But, how does OCB rank in terms of the selection and quality of its inventory?


OCB has a big selection of papers for roll-your-own smokers: White, Premium, Organic Hemp, Virgin, Xpert, Ultimate, Orange, Green, and Blue. From fun packages in bold colors like orange and green to the sleek Premium package, there are many types of papers to appeal to cannabis lovers in 2024.

Not only that but OCB offers the most popular sizes of papers too, including Single Wide and 1 1/4. However, we think the company ought to look at expanding its range to include King Size (rather than just King Size Slims) for many of the paper varieties, such as Organic Hemp.

OCB Quality

We conclude that OCB rolling papers are high quality, for several reasons. Firstly, the paper is reliable; the joint burns evenly and slowly after when you light up the joint because of the way it is watermarked. So, you get a quality smoke time after time. Plus, the paper is thin, which makes it easier to roll and enables air to pass through it well. The paper is lightweight too, so it is comfortable to hold the joint.

Also, OCB is known for monitoring the papers as they go through each stage of the manufacturing process. This extra effort helps reduce the chances of buying paper that won’t roll or smoke well. The papers are not easy to tear either, which we are thankful for as weed enthusiasts. As for the gum on the rolling papers, it has a reliable stickiness, so that you get a good seal on each OCB paper.

OCB Reputation

OCB papers get positive feedback from customers at from one end of the globe to the other. The company’s Facebook page, for example, includes favorable posts and comments from users in different countries and different languages (English and French).

After searching for online reviews of OCB rolling papers, we learned that several consumers appreciate the European-styling of the sheets, which are thin yet strong. They also like being able to roll with ease and not having a chlorine taste to the paper.

The company’s long history is also commendable. Its roots date back to the late 1800s, which is long before many papers we know of today came onto the market. By knowing the origins of the company, we realize that OCB is not a fly-by-night operation; the company is invested in cannabis culture and is proud to be part of it. We also like that the brand began as a family business, is still manufacturing its papers in France, and that the company has grown over time through hard work and dedication.

Buy Online: OCB Rolling Papers (Amazon)

Natural and Sophisticated Choices in Rolling Papers

In the cannabis industry, a growing number of companies recognize the consumer demand for eco-friendly products. OCB meets this need by offering an Organic Hemp collection of natural and unbleached hemp papers.

Also, each OCB paper you buy uses 100 percent natural Arabic gum, which is GMO-free and vegetarian. The gum comes from African Acacia trees; it is extracted by tapping into the bark of these trees, before being cleaned and processed into gum for the papers. The African supplier for OCB commits itself to sustaining the development of the Acacia trees and quality of the local groups, as per the OCB website.

The gum sticks well, unlike some lower quality gum on rolling papers that we have tried before. Thankfully this means you won’t have to deal with RYO issues like unraveling papers before you even light up the joint.

As for the packaging, it is made of recycled materials, with vegetable inks used for the printing of the words on the packs. You can get biodegradable filters from OCB too.

Then, for the people who desire elegance in their smoking experience, there is OCB Premium. The packs look sleek in black, with a silver hologram on the front. The papers within, made from flax plant fibers, are excellent quality. The modern packaging tells us that OCB is in touch with what appeals to marijuana enthusiasts in 2024.

As you can tell, OCB meets the needs of both environmentally-conscious users and those who want a stylish choice. Do not forget about the fun Orange, Green, and Glue packs, either, or the timeless White collection. There are many types of packs for weed smokers, all conveniently offered by the dependable brand.

Our Summary of OCB Rolling Papers

OCB is a long-standing brand that has a great reputation online. It is known for offering quality products and has a big selection, with collections that include Premium, Ultimate, White, and Virgin. Select the best one for your preference, such as the Organic Hemp label for the eco-conscious user.

When you buy OCB papers from a trustworthy supplier, such as Rolling Paper Depot, you can expect to get papers that are chlorine-free for a clean taste and specially watermarked to provide a smooth burn. Choose from a range of popular sizes, including SW and 1 1/4, or King Size Slim for the times when you want to pack more weed into your roll. The brand even offers filters, tubes, and accessories for your RYO lifestyle.

After conducting an in-depth review of the OCB products, we conclude that they offer high quality rolling papers and, therefore, we recommend them to roll-your-own consumers. If you are new to the brand, it may take a bit of time to determine which OCB collection is best for you, so you may want to start with small packs of each one to try them out. With time, you will come to figure out the ones you like most, and in which preferred sizes.

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