2024 Buyer’s Guide to Fentanyl Test Kits

2 milligrams of fentanyl, which can just barely cover the date on a penny, is enough to kill an adult human. Fentanyl test kits can save your life, test before you ingest!

If you’re a recreational drug user, you purchase your MDMA, OxyContin, heroin, morphine, LSD, or whatever is your drug of choice – from someone you may or may not know, who gets their stock from who-knows-where.

You are a potential victim of fentanyl overdose, like the “house party” of 15 people in Chico, California, who all took a counterfeit drug designed to look like something else resulting in one fatality and 14 people hospitalized. And it could all have been prevented if even one of them had been carrying a Fentanyl test kit.

What is Fentanyl?

2mg of Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a pain reliever, an analgesic designed to relieve immense, unimaginable pain. Soldiers, on the field of battle, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, or who have had limbs blown off from landmines or IEDs – they are the ones given tiny lollipops to place between their teeth and their cheeks. Field medics carry these for only the most serious emergencies.

It’s also given to end-of-life patients suffering from cancer-pain that normal drugs can no longer control. It is provided as a transdermal patch that provides a few micrograms (billionths of a gram) per hour, and lasts for three days. It is most definitely not a toy since it is one hundred times stronger than morphine. It is also highly addictive if used for any length of time, which is not a risk for a palliative care patient, obviously.

In fact, fentanyl and its analogs are so dangerous that many sellers on the Dark Web have voluntarily banned it, classifying it alongside mass-casualty firearms and explosives. It does not belong in the recreational drug market, they say.

Why Fentanyl Test Kits Are Important

Heroin is a popular choice to be adulterated (or completely replaced) by fentanyl. Fentanyl is cheap, easy to acquire or produce, and costs far, far less than heroin.

Fentanyl has also spawned numerous analogs, including one called carfentanil, carfentanyl, or commercially, Wildnil. Worse than its cousin, it is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl, and has 1,000 times the effect of cocaine. But you can still be safe because it can also be detected by a fentanyl test kit. Commercially, it is a veterinarian drug, used to anesthetize large animals, like elephants. A deadly dose for a mere human is even smaller than the fentanyl dose shown in the above picture – in other words, virtually invisible.

Buying Fentanyl Test Kits

This is made particularly easy through online distributors. They offer decent prices, fast delivery, and from the right distributor, a reliable, effective high-quality product.

To this end we recommend the TestKitPlus™ Fentanyl Test Kit, which is shipped from Canada and costs just US$25, plus any shipping fees. You can check five batches with the single kit, or five individual purchases, if you’re on-the-go. In any case, it is a very modest cost to have the most accurate and reliable kit that we are aware of.

The TestKitPlus™ Fentanyl Test Kit can handle powders, tablets, liquids (like codeine & DMX syrups), or surface residue relatively easily. The kit includes five each of the test strips, bottles of extraction fluid, test-tubes, and swabs. Along with the foregoing comes a test-tube rack, instructions, and a product insert with technical information.

This kit, instead of using tap or bottled water and potentially dirty cups & spoons, supplies sterile test-tubes, discrete extraction fluid that is safe, clean, and uncontaminated, along with the other tools necessary to complete testing. By avoiding the vagaries of what is at hand, it can reliably detect as little as 200 nanograms in your sample.

How to Use Fentanyl Test Kits

Once the solution and sample are prepared, the test strip is placed in the fluid for 15 seconds, but only up to the aqua blue line. It is then set aside to make sure it stays uncontaminated. The solution needs to migrate up the strip on its own to enter the test area.

Wait for 30-60 seconds and check the strip – If only a single red line appears, it is positive for fentanyl. If a second line appears, no matter how faint, the result is negative for fentanyl. If neither line appears, the outcome is invalid, and should be repeated with a new test strip.

About Fentanyl Test Strips

Originally, the fentanyl test strips found in the modern Fentanyl Test Kits were designed to check for the drug’s presence in urine samples. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it was discovered they worked in just about any situation. Even more stunning, they are a better method than any other, with the exception of a laboratory grade gas-chromatograph, the scientific standard.

Those fentanyl testing strips have a detection limit as low as 0.2 micrograms in a 1 ml sample. Imagine that! One ml (or cc) of water has a mass of 1 gram. Imagine dividing that into 1,000 parts, and then dividing one of those parts into 1,000 parts. Now collect up 20 of those bits – far, far too small to ever see – but the test strips can detect that much fentanyl in a sample.

In terms of accuracy, the strips are (over) 98% accurate, the fentanyl test kits add another level of assurance that your results will be accurate and uncontaminated by the environment.

What can Fentanyl Test Strips Detect?

The fentanyl testing strips are capable of detecting a dozen different fentanyl family members, and there isn’t a single one of them that isn’t life-threatening or dangerous to your health. The members are:

  • 3-Methylfentanyl
  • 4-Fluorofentanyl
  • Acetylfentanyl
  • Alfentanil
  • Butyrfentanyl
  • Carfentanil
  • Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl
  • Furanylfentanyl
  • Ocfentanil
  • Remifentanil
  • Sufentanil
  • Thiofentanyl

The Takeaway

From 2013-2017 overdose deaths rose every year from 25,052 and peaking at 47,600. All of this was primarily attributable to homespun fentanyl production. Of course this does not absolve the originating drug companies from having created this crisis in the first place.

Be part of this new trend. Get yourself a Fentanyl Testing Kit, and always test before you ingest!

Buy Online:
  • TestKitPlus Fentanyl Test Kit – 5 Tests, Powders/Liquids/Tablets/Surface residue. Can detect
    3-Methylfentanyl, 4-Fluorofentany, Acetylfentanyl, Alfentanil, Butyrfentanyl, Carfentanil, Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl, Furanylfentanyl, Ocfentanil, Remifentanil, Sufentanil, and Thiofentanyl. Shipping Worldwide.

Using any sort of illegal drugs is not recommended; some substances may be damaging to your health. The information presented here is for educational purposes only.

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