The Best Weed Grinders of 2024: A Buyer’s Guide

The ultimate guide to buying the best dry herb or weed grinder for your needs.

The world of herb grinders is one that’s full of options. From basic 2-piece weed grinders that get the job done all the way up to 5-piece models that grind bud and double-filter your kief, there’s plenty of choices for casual smokers and cannabis connoisseurs. You’ll also find grinders at different price levels made from a variety of materials, with acrylic being the choice for entry-level grinders and metal being the most desirable and durable.

No matter what kind of marijuana smoker you are, a grinder is a must. With so many choices, reviews of the best weed grinders are helpful, as are tips on finding the perfect one for your needs. Read on for help in choosing between some of the best and most talked-about weed grinders on the market today. If you’re pressed for time and would like to simply skip to the best of each type of grinder, scroll down past the reviews to the handy Best of the Best section.

The Best of the Best

Start with the “Best of the Best” in order to get right to the best marijuana grinder to perfectly suit your needs, whether you need a stealthy and portable grinder or a simply huge one to grace your coffee table when it’s not grinding your herb. To find out more about each of these brands, check out the “Best Weed Grinders of 2024” section.

Best 2-Piece Weed Grinder

If you’re looking for a 2-piece grinder without all the extra parts, screens, and frills, you can’t do better than a Phoenician 2-Piece Weed Grinder. At 47mm, Phoenician’s Pocket Grinder is larger than the small grinders made by other brands, which means you’ll still have room to grind a nice amount of flower.

As you step up through the sizes – from Phoenician’s 2-Piece Medium Grinder (at 63mm) all the way to their Large 2-Piece Herb Grinder (82mm), you’ll find that Phoenician models tend to run larger than most in the same small/medium/large size categories.

The longevity of Phoenician products is why so many people invest in one after they get tired of cycling through cheap herb grinders. Phoenician’s reputation for durability and quality mean that this is the last 2-piece grinder you’ll ever need.

Best 3-Piece Weed Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinders are an excellent choice for those who want a separate compartment for their ground herb. The Medium 54mm 3-Piece Shredder is an excellent choice for those with moderate amounts of bud to shred.

Need more room? At 70mm, their Large 3-Piece Shredder is spacious enough without being considered overly huge.

The heavy-duty block-like tooth design on these grinders means that they shred rather than cut and will never get dull. Santa Cruz Shredder’s innovative thread pattern means that you can’t cross-thread one of their shredders, meaning that you won’t ever lock it up and have to toss it in favor of a new one.

Best 4-Piece Weed Grinder

Grinding chamber? Check. Ground herb chamber? Check. Kief chamber? Check. While all 4-piece grinders have the same basic parts, Phoenician truly takes things to a new level with a Phoenician 4-Piece Weed Grinder.

With sizes that run from an ample 47mm Pocket Grinder through a 63mm Medium and all the way up to an expansive 82mm Large Weed Grinder, you can rest assured that every 4-Piece Phoenician grinder can handle a decent amount of bud with no problem.

Although it’s true that they’re quite a bit pricier than the competition, Phoenician weed grinders truly are one of the best grinders on the market in 2024.

Best 5-Piece Weed Grinder

When one kief screen simply isn’t enough, you need two to get ultra-filtered, incredibly pure cannabis pollen. While this may sound like a pricey endeavor, Diamond Grind proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get a cannabis grinder with features and quality.

The ultra-sharp diamond-shaped teeth grind nugs with ease and precision, and a kief scraper is included to scoop up the golden treasure that collects in the bottom chamber. Opting for a Diamond Grind 5-Piece Weed Grinder will give you ample room to pulverize plenty of bud and start sifting kief.

For a more portable size, check out their 50mm 5-Piece Pocket Grinder. To handle more bud, you may also consider moving up into either a 56mm Medium 5-Piece Grinder  or a 63mm Medium 5-Piece Grinder.

Best Cheap Weed Grinder

Shopping for a weed grinder on a budget doesn’t have to be a disappointing experience filled with products that don’t work well or that are made of sub-par materials. Diamond Grind’s Weed Grinders are proof of this. In every Diamond Grind, you’ll find extra-sharp blades housed in a grinder that’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Best of all, you’ll find all of this in a grinder that does the job beautifully without chewing up a huge portion of your cash. Their 2-Piece Grinders and 4-Piece Weed Grinders are some of the most popular for budget-conscious cannabis connoisseurs.

Best Pocket Weed Grinder

Topping out the lineup of compact and portable weed grinders are the smallest models from the Cali Crusher line of weed grinders. Their 38mm 4-Piece Pocket Grinder is one of the smallest 4-piece grinders on the market. They also have a 47mm 4-Piece Pocket Grinder consumers who would like to grind a bit more bud.

If you’re planning to go small, you may be concerned about your ground weed getting bunched and packed together. However, you’ll find that Cali Crusher’s signature “grind-one-way-fluff-the-other-way” tooth design turns your bud into fluffy perfection even when the grinding happens in a compact amount of space.

Best Extra-Large Weed Grinder

In addition to quality, ERGO has made a name for itself by offering massive, industrial-sized cannabis grinders that are capable of taking on whatever number of nugs you choose to cram into them. If you’re going to splurge on one of these monsters, it’s absolutely worth investing a wee bit more and getting one with at least 4 pieces in order to take advantage of all of the tasty kief that will drift down out of your bud.

When you’re sifting large amounts of kief, a removable screen is a real help for cleaning. This is why it makes sense to opt for an ERGO 4-Piece Huge 110mm Weed Grinder w/Removable Screen. Simply pop the screen out, soak it, scrub it, dry it, and you’re ready to grind some more.

If their largest grinder is too much, you can size it down a bit to the ERGO 4-Piece Extra-Large 90mm Weed Grinder w/Removable Screen. With one of the largest ERGOs on your coffee table, you’ll be ready for the ultimate smoke session.

The Best Weed Grinders of 2024: Breaking Down the Brands

Walk into any brick-and-mortar herb accessories store or click on an online headshop and you’re sure to find many different models of weed grinder. How do you differentiate between a cannabis grinder that will give you a good-quality smoke and one that will simply take up space on your desk until you throw it away in favor of a better one? Which marijuana grinders are guaranteed to produce the best bud for a slow, even-burning smoke?

One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of a marijuana grinder is by brand. Certain brands have developed a reputation for having an extreme attention to detail and producing user-friendly pot grinders that are a pleasure to use. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most reputable brands, as well as their standout products.


Phoenician has made such a name for themselves in the weed grinder world that a search for their products reveals the popular search phrase “fake Phoenician grinders.” (You can think of those knockoffs as the fake Gucci handbags of the cannabis industry.) Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but you’ll only be able to find true Phoenician quality in the real thing.

The reason Arizona-based Phoenician Engineering makes such amazing products is their focus on meeting medical-grade standards. It truly shows in their choice to manufacture everything in the USA using only the finest medical-grade materials. This means that ground bud and kief stored and toted in a Phoenician grinder tastes amazing and is ground to a fluffy perfection.

All Phoenician grinder layers are designed with a “quick lock threadless system” that prevents them from cross-threading and locking up. In addition to this, each Phoenician weed grinder features an individual serial number and a lifetime warranty.

Here are some of the most popular models among Phoenician’s dry herb grinders.

Phoenician Standard Weed Grinders

With their high quality and superior grinding power, Phoenician’s “standard” weed grinders are actually anything but standard; they simply don’t contain the extra features covered in the next category. While they’re definitely pricier than cheap weed grinders made of acrylic, because they’re made of 6061-T6 aluminum, even the smallest versions of these grinders are a powerful option that will last through years of smoke sessions.

Standard Phoenician dry herb grinders are available as 2-piece grinders and 4-piece grinders, with sizes that range from small pocket grinders (47mm) all the way up to an 82mm large.

Phoenician Standard Weed Grinders:

Phoenician Weed Grinders w/Paper Holder

Sometimes you like to treat yourself to a grinder that’s something truly special – one with extra features that make it more useful or a fantastic conversation piece during a smoke session with friends. For shoppers interested in unique herb grinders, Phoenician doesn’t disappoint.

Standard Phoenician Weed Grinder w/Paper Holder

For those wishing to splurge a bit on utility, the Phoenician 4-Piece Weed Grinder w/Paper Holder offers the high quality Phoenician grinders are known for with two extra features: a rolling paper holder and an ashtray, both of which are built into the lid. Simply slide a box of rolling papers into the holder and you’ve always got one ready to be dispensed. Meanwhile, the ashtray offers the ability to kick back and have a smoke nearly anywhere and is easy to wipe out and clean up when you’re done. It’s available in a large 82mm size and in six different colors.

Phoenician Weed Grinder w/Paper Holder:

Phoenician Elite 4-Piece 24K Gold Weed Grinder w/Paper Holder

Moving up to the top tier of weed accessories, the Phoenician Elite 4-Piece 24K Gold Weed Grinder may be the ultimate in cannabis bling for those who have around $1,500 to shell out for a marijuana grinder that’s sure to draw stares. It features a base of the 6061-T6 aluminum that all Phoenician grinders are made of…but then this model is plated in luxurious 24k gold. Its smooth grinding mechanism breaks each bud down to absolute perfection while the kief catcher at the bottom stores all of your delicious pollen for later. The 24K Gold Weed Grinder also features a rolling paper holder and ashtray built into the lid. When it comes to the best weed grinders of 2024, this one may rank as the best of the best.

Phoenician Elite 24K Gold Weed Grinder w/Paper Holder 

Santa Cruz Shredder

The engineering that goes into a high-quality weed grinder is more than you might imagine. For the folks at Santa Cruz Shredder, this meant using a specialized computer program to design the perfect shredding tooth design. Rather than the standard sharp diamond teeth design, they made the teeth of their shredders block-like and extra strong, able to consistently chop bud down to fluffy, smokeable bits. This ensures that no flakes of metal ever break off and contaminate your weed. They also developed a proprietary thread pattern to prevent the parts on their weed grinders from seizing up.

From a user-friendly grip and scratch-resistant coatings to high-quality magnets and precision kief screens, no detail is too small for Santa Cruz Shredder. All of their products are made in California. Since the company’s inception, their shredders have become some of the most popular ones on the market. Made of medical-grade anodized aluminum, Santa Cruz Shredders stand out from all others due to their intense shimmer – they practically glow when you take one out of your pocket or backpack and come in an assortment of colors.

Santa Cruz Shredders range from small, pocket-grinder size (41mm) through medium (54mm) to large (70mm). They’re available as 2-Piece Shredders, 3-Piece Shredders with separate chambers for grinding and holding ground herb, as well as 4-Piece Shredders that feature a kief chamber to catch potent cannabis pollen. The specially-designed kief compartment features curved edges so you don’t lose any kief in the corners.

Santa Cruz Weed Grinders:

Cali Crusher

Known as “the world’s first designer grinder,” Cali Crusher offers grinders that have much more than designer-label looks: these weed grinders break down bud amazingly well. This is in part due to the quality materials used for every Cali Crusher weed grinder (they’re made of medical-grade aluminum) and also due to the signature design of their grinder teeth. The extra-wide grinder teeth on a Cali Crusher are sharp on one side and dull on the other. This means that they grind when turned in one direction and fluff your bud as they move the other way.

The Cali Crusher 4-way quick-lock system means that you don’t have to twist and twist the different compartments of your grinder to open and close them. It also prevents you from cross-threading and locking up your grinder. The grinding lid is designed with special cavities for you to place your nugs, and neodymium rare earth magnets ensure a strong closure.

The kief compartment on every Cali Crusher Dry Herb Grinder is two times bigger than other grinders. The kief filter screen is removable for changing or cleaning, and each Cali Crusher comes with a nifty guitar pick kief scraper.

Cali Crusher 4-Piece Weed Grinders come in a wide variety of brushed metallic colors and in an assortment of sizes: an ultra-small 38mm Pocket Grinder, a 47mm Pocket Grinder, a Medium-Sized 57mm Weed Grinder, and a 60mm Medium Weed Grinder. The teeth on each one are covered by a lifetime warranty; in the unlikely event that one should break, simply send it in and Cali Crusher will take care of it. Cali Crusher manufactures its marijuana grinders in San Diego, California.

Cali Crusher Weed Grinders: 


While many of the most popular weed grinder companies are based out of California, Evolution (the company behind ERGO and Diamond Grind) has set itself apart by setting up shop in Austin, Texas. It’s a small, family-owned company that backs each of its dry herb grinders with a lifetime guarantee.

ERGO Fixed Screen Weed Grinders

ERGO grinders handle very nicely, with a lid that’s designed with a textured finish and a beveled grip for easy grinding. Two incredibly strong neodymium magnets hold the lid in place with no problem, and the extra-extra-sharp diamond-shaped teeth grind bud evenly and nicely. A 2-piece Ergo Weed Grinder is a portable and simple solution to get nicely-ground, fluffy bud that’s perfect for smoking or vaping.

All 4-piece ERGO Grinders come with a handy kief scraper to gather up your pollen for twaxing a joint or topping a bowl. Each grinder is made from anodized aluminum and feature lids in a rainbow of different color options. ERGO grinders come in a wide variety of sizes that typically aren’t seen in other brands; they range from an amazingly compact 43mm Pocket Grinder to a an extra-large 90mm Weed Grinder – all the way up to a huge industrial-sized 110mm Weed Grinder that can handle a massive amount of bud. Most people won’t need a grinder that’s 90mm or above, but it’s truly nice to have the option to purchase a Godzilla-sized grinder.

Ergo Fixed Screen Weed Grinders:

ERGO Weed Grinders w/Removable Screen

In addition to all of the featured highlighted above, ERGO also offers a line of grinders with a removable kief screen. The fine screen is held in with strong magnets and simply pushes out for cleaning off sticky residue or replacing the screen altogether. Scoop up the collected kief with the included scraper and you’re good to go.

Just like ERGO’s standard grinders, the models with removable screens are available in a range of different sizes.

Ergo Weed Grinders w/Removable Screen

Diamond Grind

While Evolution’s ERGO marijuana grinders are high-quality and powerful, their Diamond Grind line uses a slightly different design to get superior results. The Diamond Grind brand builds on the solid reputation Evolution has developed with its ERGO line and adds in some interesting details that makes using a Diamond Grind an easy and enjoyable experience.

Diamond Grind Fixed Screen Weed Grinders

While all Evolution weed grinders feature very sharp angular blades, Diamond Grind blades have indentations in them that give them a very distinctive diamond-shape. This makes them sharper and give them extra grinding power. The grinding motion is fluid and smooth, providing a perfect grind every single time.

Each Diamond Grind cannabis grinder is built from a single piece of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, giving them a sleek and sophisticated look. Each model that’s 4 pieces and up features a fine kief screen to filter your pollen into the compartment down below. In addition to a fine-mesh screen, every 5-piece Diamond Grind features an additional coarse screen to double-filter your kief. A kief scraper is also included with these models.

Just like the ERGO lineup, Diamond Grind products are available in a huge array of sizes, from a tiny 40mm 2-piece Pocket Grinder to extra-large 90-mm Grinders and huge 110mm 4-piece Grinders. The largest of the Diamond Grind sizes are probably overkill for most cannabis consumers. If you don’t need an industrial-sized grinder but would like to splurge a bit on something extra, you may enjoy prepping your bud in the Medium 63mm 5-piece Grinder that provides double-filtered kief.

Diamond Grind Fixed Screen Weed Grinders:

Diamond Grind Deluxe Weed Grinder w/Removable Screen

Kief screens get sticky and over time, they have to be cleaned. That’s why it’s incredibly handy that Diamond Grind features an entire lineup of models with removable kief screens. Held in place by magnets, they simply pop downward and out, enabling you to soak them, scrub them off, and thoroughly dry them before putting them back in. While it’s not a must, if you have a little extra money to invest in a grinder, it’s a nice feature to have. Deluxe Diamond Grind pot grinders start at the compact 43mm grinder size and run all the way up to a spacious 75mm grinder.

Diamond Grind Deluxe Weed Grinders w/Removable Screen:

Why Do You Need to Buy a Weed Grinder?

Even the greenest of marijuana newbies understand the need for rolling papers to roll up a joint, and many people may explore online headshops to check out the various models of pipes and designs of water bongs. However, a weed grinder is another incredibly important piece of cannabis equipment that can make your smoking experience easier as well as better in quality.

The most obvious purpose for a dry herb grinder is to break your weed down into manageable, smokable bits. Some people do this with their hands in order to get pieces of bud that are small enough to stuff into a bowl or roll into a joint. However, using a marijuana grinder is more ideal.

Why is using a weed grinder better? This is because it breaks the flower down into small, uniform bits. This not only enables you to roll beautiful joints; it also ensures that the bud burns smoothly and slowly, allowing consistent airflow throughout the plant material. This prevents canoeing (where a joint burns unevenly) and makes the smoke less harsh.

Another excellent reason to use a weed grinder instead of breaking up bud with your hands is if you have a pot grinder with a kief catcher, you won’t waste all of that lovely cannabis pollen by knocking the trichomes off or having them stick to your fingers.

Choosing the Best Dry Herb Grinder

Choosing the best grinder for weed can be a bit confusing to cannabis novices, as the 2024 market is simply flooded with options. From determining where to buy a weed grinder to making sure you choose the best one for your needs, it can be challenging to sort through the choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you research the best ones.

Where to Buy

The biggest question many people start out with is where to buy a weed grinder. Is it best to head to your neighborhood headshop and pick one out there or take to your keyboard and find one from the plethora of online retailers?

Most experienced cannabis consumers agree that online shopping provides the widest and best selection of weed grinders for sale. In addition to this, you can read up on reviews that will tell you all you need to know about the quality of specific products, as well as the reputation and customer service of the retailers who sell them. Hippie Butler, for example, is widely recognized as one of the most reputable and well-established online retailers for weed grinders and other cannabis-related products.


Your first consideration when researching weed grinders for sale is where and how you’d like to use it. Do you want a small herb grinder that can be popped in your pocket and carried around, or are you looking for a big weed grinder to live on your coffee table or desk for relaxed smoke sessions at home? This can help determine if the ideal grinder is a tiny pocket grinder or an extra large herb grinder that is just as much a conversation piece as it is a useful tool.

As a general guide, weed grinder sizes are typically as follows:
  • Pocket grinders: 37-47mm
  • Medium grinders: approximately 50mm
  • Large (desktop-size) grinders: 63-75mm
  • Extra-Large (industrial-size): 90mm-110mm


Another factor to think about is how you’d like the grinder to work. This will be determined by the number of pieces/chambers it contains.

2-Piece Weed Grinders

A 2-Piece Weed Grinder covers the basics, with a lid and a grinding chamber. Simply grind the weed and then dump it out.

3-Piece Weed Grinders

The next level of marijuana-chopping equipment consists of 3-Piece Grinders that drop your ground bud into a second chamber below the first one. Because the flower won’t fit through the chamber holes until it’s thoroughly ground, making sure the top chamber is empty will help you ensure that you’ve chopped and shredded the bud to smokable perfection.

4-Piece Weed Grinders

One feature that many consumers opt for is a kief catcher. Kief (the dried resinous trichomes that fall off of marijuana plants) is incredibly potent and full of THC and other cannabinoids, so it’s a shame to waste it. Weed grinders that have at least 4-Pieces feature a kief-catching chamber at the very bottom.

5-Piece Weed Grinders

For kief connoisseurs, there are even 5-Piece Pot Grinders that feature a coarse filter and a fine-mesh filter to double-filter your kief. This ensures that it’s free of any plant material that may contaminate it.

Extra Features

For those who don’t enjoy twisting the lid of a pot grinder back and forth, there are electric grinders or ones with rotary cranks that make breaking down your bud more convenient – especially if you’re grinding large amounts or have hand/wrist pain. For those who want to maximize kief collection, try a Shaker-Style Weed Grinder that allows you to shake, sift, and save every last bit of loose pollen.

Expert Tip: 

After trying different types of marijuana grinders, most cannabis lovers end up opting to keep it simple with a 2-Piece Weed Grinder, or if they’d like to separate their kief, choose to upgrade to a 4-Piece Herb Grinder.


In addition to portability and number of chambers, you’ll be able to choose from marijuana grinders made of various materials. The most common are metal, wood, and acrylic.

Metal weed grinders

A metal herb grinder is the most popular and durable kind. The metal teeth of a stainless steel herb grinder, for example, works well at creating finely-ground bits of cannabis. In addition to this, metal grinders are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Wood weed grinders

The main benefit of a wooden weed grinder is its craftsmanship and uniqueness. They’re typically rather simple and feature one chamber and no kief catcher. There are a few things to understand before purchasing a wooden herb grinder: if the wood is finished, flakes of the finishing material can come off into your ground bud. Because of their porous nature, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. They’re also not as durable as metal.

Acrylic weed grinders

These are the product of choice for consumers looking for cheap herb grinders. Acrylic marijuana grinders do the job, albeit not quite as well as metal because plastic teeth simply don’t have the same grinding power. Over time, bits of the plastic teeth can begin to break off into your herb (definitely something to be aware of). They’re light and convenient to carry around, however, and if a plastic weed grinder gets lost or too gummed up to clean properly, it won’t break the bank to replace it.

How to Use a Weed Grinder

Using a weed grinder is simple and quick, enabling you to go from a bunch of bud to nicely-ground ganja in a matter of seconds.

  • Step 1: Unscrew the lid of your grinder. You’ll note that the lid has teeth inside it, as does the first level of the grinder (if it has multiple chambers).
  • Step 2: Break the bud up into pieces small enough to be placed around the teeth inside the weed grinder. Don’t put any in the center, as that’s where the grinder attaches/hinges. If you place bud there, the grinder can’t close – but also the center part won’t get ground because there’s no teeth there.
  • Step 3: Place the top on the dry herb grinder and move it back and forth to grind up your flower. Initially, you’ll feel resistance from the weed you’ve packed in, but after about 10 twists, you’ll feel that resistance disappear, meaning that freshly-ground bud awaits you.
  • Step 4: Open the chamber that contains your weed and enjoy.
  • Step 5: In grinders that have at least four pieces (and three chambers), the bottom chamber works as a kief catcher. Once enough of the tasty trichomes have fallen to the very bottom of your grinder, you can open this chamber and scoop them out. Kief can be sprinkled into a joint, on top of a bowl, or decarboxylated and mixed into food or a beverage.

How to Clean Your Weed Grinder

It doesn’t matter if you use cheap herb grinders or more expensive models; at some point, you’re going to need to clean them. Cannabis connoisseurs everywhere proclaim their love of dank, sticky bud for a reason…and over time, that sticky kief will begin to gum up your grinder, making it hard to use, open, and close.

Taking the time to clean your marijuana grinder will prevent this from happening. To do so, all you need is some isopropyl alcohol, a toothbrush, cotton swabs, a towel, and a small dish.

To clean a weed grinder:

Disassemble it.
Make sure to collect all kief and put it somewhere safe. If your grinder has a crank, use the towel to hold the blades still while turning the handle counter-clockwise to remove it.

Clean it.
Pour some rubbing alcohol into the dish and use the cotton swab and toothbrush to scrub residue out from between the teeth and along the threads of the grinder. If it has a kief catcher, use the toothbrush to thoroughly clean the screen.

Dry it completely.
After your weed grinder is shiny and clean, use the towel to thoroughly dry it before putting it back together again.

Which Weed Grinder Will You Choose?

Whether you’re shopping for your very first weed grinder or are ready to move out of the realm of cheap herb grinders and into something more substantial, choosing the best marijuana grinder isn’t as simple as picking the coolest-looking one and whipping out your credit card. To find a weed grinder that’s durable, long-lasting, and – most importantly – one that works well, it’s important to know about the company behind it.

The most-recommended brands of weed grinders are:

  • Phoenician: Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenician has become world-famous for its stunning and high-quality marijuana grinders. Although they’re pricier than the competition, Phoenician products are made to last.
  • Santa Cruz Shredder: Bringing West Coast cool to the world of weed grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder drops the traditionally sharp grinding teeth for a block-like tooth design that (as its name implies) shreds buds down to smokable bits.
  • Cali Crusher: “The world’s first designer grinder” has blades that are sharp on one side to cut weed and dull on the other to fluff it up. The Cali Crusher 4-way quick-lock system means super-fast opening and closing and zero cross-threading.
  • ERGO: The beveled, easy-grip lids and huge assortment of sizes set ERGO weed grinders apart from all the rest. ERGO sizes run from a neatly compact 43mm all the way up to an industrial-sized 110mm monster weed grinder.
  • Diamond Grind: Made by Evolution, the same Austin, Texas-based company behind ERGO, Diamond Grind has indented, diamond-shaped teeth that cut flower with extra-sharp precision.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cannabis aficionado or someone who is just learning the various ways to enjoy your flower; these brands are sure to make a grinder that will perfectly suit your needs. The question isn’t whether or not you need a grinder – the question is which weed grinder will you choose?

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Brilliant cut grinders don’t need to be cleaned they just grind your herb over and over and well you get the idea.