Sensi Seeds Discount Code

Author: Jason Oliver
Last Updated: April 30, 2019

You probably came here because you saw the “discount voucher” on Sensi Seeds checkout screen, good chances you already clicked on few fake coupon website just to discover they have nothing.

Well… the truth is Sensi Seeds are not spreading their promo codes around too often – those are more like personal “one-time” coupon codes given personally to specific costumers, usually given as compensation when something goes wrong with an order.

Once in a while Sensi Seeds distribute limited discount codes via their newsletter and social media channels, but those are time limited and quite rare to find.

Better place to look for Sensi Seeds promotions is their Special Offers Page. Not always, but once in a while some strains are sold for a discounted price, usually for a limited time.

If you are after more aggressive discounts but yet top notch quality genetics – check out MSNL Special Offers Page, they always have running promotions with up to 50% off as well as free seeds with every order.

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